I’m getting new business cards this week with my website on them, so I guess I need to actually update it. There will be future posts dealing with my dissertation, the writing process, my baby steps towards being a playwright, politics, arts and academia. But for now, some updates:

  • I have 2 chapters finished in my dissertation. I have two more to go, and I am running out of time. I am dedicated to writing 500 words a day on this, minimum. I should have a complete draft by the end of February.
  • I was commissioned to write a review if the Berkeley Rep’s production of It Can’t Happen Here. If it is accepted, this will be my first publication.
  • I submitted a play to a new play festival. This is a first for me
  • I had the opportunity to teach Introduction to Dramatic Writing this fall. It was amazing.
  • For the past 14 months, I have been working as the Box Office Manager for my college. I resigned last week because the work was getting in the way of finishing my dissertation.
  • Who’s a new Trader Joe’s crew member? Me!

That’s the gist of what I have been up to since my “Porridge..” post. Still writing, still struggling. There has been one major development in my research: the 2016 Presidential Election.

I will be devoting many future posts to how the election of Donald Trump changed my focus – it will take some space and time to untangle my emotions, to create some scholarly distance. For now, all I can say is this:

I feel incredibly guilty. Guilty because up until Trump announced his candidacy, my dissertation topic was just an interesting historical anecdote. I thought it was going to make a good dissertation, but I seriously doubted I had a book in me. My “so what?” was thin. Now it’s gargantuan. Now my research is relevant. It matters. Unless I complete stop working, I will benefit professionally from the 2016 Election. If It Can’t Happen Here had stayed an interesting, but isolated, historical moment then I believe our democracy would be stronger.

It’s a heavy responsibility.




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